One dress, three ways

My friends and relatives ask me how I hardly or never repeat clothes/outfits. Well, I have a trick. Not I do not have many clothes (!!!), there are some pieces that I repeat more often than others due to fit, material, comfort etc. The trick that I have is quite simple - mic & match. … Continue reading One dress, three ways

Spice up that LBD – II and III

Every girl/lady owns a LBD, as said in my previous LBD post. It is all about how you accessorise it. So, following my first look for spicing up the LBD, here are 2 more looks. The Kalamkari look: This look is classic in the sense of the black and red combination. This jacket from Lifestyle … Continue reading Spice up that LBD – II and III

Spice up that LBD – I

This mini-series on LBDs (little black dress) is part of my jacket series - hope you had a look at them last week. Everyone owns an LBD in their closet (if you don't, please go get one NOW!). An LBD is as plain as it gets - but it is the best and the most versatile … Continue reading Spice up that LBD – I

Scarves for those curves

My blog is all about being confident and owning those curves - and that is exactly what my friend, Vipra, has done here with a fun accessory - Scarves! This blogpost is entirely dedicated to owning to those curves with scarves and different ways of styling scarves, especially for the spring/summer. Of course, these ideas … Continue reading Scarves for those curves

OOTD Series: Full-length dresses

I have always been tall - tall for my age, taller than all my classmates and my friends. I was always called "the tall girl" by my teachers. I loved/love being tall ad proud of my genes, but sometimes I felt awkward being able to see the top of everyone's heads  or feeling a giraffe … Continue reading OOTD Series: Full-length dresses

The Bluetiful Story

Hello Bluetiful!! Blue is a very pleasing colour and many like/love it. Shades of blue are never ending, my fav being royal blue, turquoise, teal and peacock blue. The maxi dress/jacket below is from Global Design and I was eyeing it online from a long time. When I went to India last time, I picked … Continue reading The Bluetiful Story

Global Style for the Good – Developing Style

I have always believed in collaboration and using our platforms online and offline to help the world see awesome brands, startups, small businesses and people who are so passionate about what they do. One such venture is Developing Style by Devi. Her blog's tagline reads "Global Style for the Global Good" - this encompasses all … Continue reading Global Style for the Good – Developing Style

Poolside fashion paired with healthy and yummy food

I love the water - let it be the ocean, the swimming pool or a lake - it is my place of peace and happiness. The sound of the water, waves crashing, fountains etc. are so calming. Hence, my friends and I got together to shoot some awesome pics by the pool at my condo … Continue reading Poolside fashion paired with healthy and yummy food

The story of my hair – purple, blue and all

I used to have long hair, about hip-length, during my school days and college/university days. My hair has always been thin, slightly brown and long.... never thick - and my family hereditary showed signs of thinning hair and hence the scalp is always seen on the top of my head. And I have peculiar hair … Continue reading The story of my hair – purple, blue and all

All the GOLD that I can get – makes me glitter :)

I have always wanted a party gown/dress that had an Indian style to it - and I finally found one in plus size in Delhi, last year! So, I had to do a photoshoot to showcase this beautiful gold and peachy pink dress. And best of all, this gown just costed me INR 4,500/-! I … Continue reading All the GOLD that I can get – makes me glitter 🙂