Jewellery, made with Love

I remember my school days when Vidhya and I used to like just about everything - arts & crafts, painting, cycling, movies, songs, dressing up and so on. I used to be a nerd who always wanted to become medical doctor and she used to chill and let life take its course. Well, I ended … Continue reading Jewellery, made with Love

Indian Fairytale Fashion, with a cause

I love sarees - love the way they hug a lady in the right curves, love the way they flow and love how they make you feel like you are in a fairytale. I used to drape sarees quite often when I used to study and work in India. Once I moved to Singapore, I … Continue reading Indian Fairytale Fashion, with a cause

The Bluetiful Story

Hello Bluetiful!! Blue is a very pleasing colour and many like/love it. Shades of blue are never ending, my fav being royal blue, turquoise, teal and peacock blue. The maxi dress/jacket below is from Global Design and I was eyeing it online from a long time. When I went to India last time, I picked … Continue reading The Bluetiful Story

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!!

I was never a girly girl when I was a teenager, more of a tomboy - but I have liked pink always... not the baby pink - but I totally love fuscia, magenta, rosewood, coral and hot pink! And I have always loved to mix and match... so this outfit is a beautiful mix and … Continue reading Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!!

Is it your wedding? Have fun but make conscious decisions

Inspired by Devi's post "Wedding planning for social impact" on her Developing Style Blog (I love her blog by the way and the impact it has, do check it out!), I decided to pen down memories of my engagement and wedding planning... lots of thought and time went into it and it was so worth it. … Continue reading Is it your wedding? Have fun but make conscious decisions

Jutti for big feet too!

I have always wanted a pair of super colourful juttis that actually fit me! And the powers above finally answered my wishes - and down came upon the earth Love For Jutti (LJ). Instagram: @loveforjutti I found them on Instagram and upon checking their posts and website, fell in love with the designs. However, they did … Continue reading Jutti for big feet too!