Wales and Cardiff – First UK Venture

Moving to UK three years back, Wales and Cardiff was my first ever long trip in the UK. There began all my ventures exploring Great Britain and Europe. Being my first trip in this wonderful continent, it still remains close to my heart as I planned the whole trip by myself. Finding out where all … Continue reading Wales and Cardiff – First UK Venture


Partyyyy – All day and all night long!!

People who know me, know very well that I love partying... I love a night out or a day of partying or even a week of partying 🙂 Along with the love to party, I love decking up for it 🙂 So, here is a post on exclusive partywear for the curvy women out there. … Continue reading Partyyyy – All day and all night long!!

Global Style for the Good – Developing Style

I have always believed in collaboration and using our platforms online and offline to help the world see awesome brands, startups, small businesses and people who are so passionate about what they do. One such venture is Developing Style by Devi. Her blog's tagline reads "Global Style for the Global Good" - this encompasses all … Continue reading Global Style for the Good – Developing Style

Scotland – Majestic Landscapes

I have visited Scotland at least a couple of times and would say its truly a heaven in disguise. You can keep visiting again and again, for its beautiful landscapes and unforgettable road trips. Each season Scotland gives a pretty painting of its own nature, with winters fully snow-covered, autumns fall with varying colored leaves, … Continue reading Scotland – Majestic Landscapes

Orchids in a bottle! Bali Secret

Women's health matters!! Say no to chemicals! Did you know that Orchid by Bali Secret consists of natural ingredients that work in gentle harmony to cleanse women's intimate areas? Looking for long lasting freshness in this heat? Orchid by Bali Secret contains combination of Balinese herbs and natural ingredients that helps to deliver a gentle … Continue reading Orchids in a bottle! Bali Secret

Norway – A beauty beyond itself

Norway had been a trip which truly satisfied the wanderlust in me. This drop-dead gorgeous country had everything you need on the bucket list. Thanks to my friend who had already worked onsite in Norway, helped me out on planning out various places and organizing my trip. ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ package has customized tour … Continue reading Norway – A beauty beyond itself

Petals That Speak More Than Words

I believe in the language of flowers, and florists are the linguists that know this language to the core. Those beautiful, vivacious things (and I do mean flowers, not florists) can turn your entire day around, and make a gloomy day bright. A Better Florist is the first ever florist that grabbed my attention, because … Continue reading Petals That Speak More Than Words