Switzerland: Nature’s own Abode

It is truly sad and depressing as to what is happening around the world currently given the COVID-19 pandemic. People are sick, the virus is spreading and the world seems to be at a stand still. All the borders are closed; in fact, we cannot even get out of our houses in certain countries! Given … Continue reading Switzerland: Nature’s own Abode

Thailand – Phuket diaries (honeymoon)!

After having a fabulous time in Bali, second part of our honeymoon continued into Phuket Thailand. Though it was peak summer, we thoroughly enjoyed the beaches around the islands of Thailand. Referred to as the Pearl of the Asia, Phuket is Thailand’s largest island. It’s very popular spot for visitors of Southeast Asia – and … Continue reading Thailand – Phuket diaries (honeymoon)!

A perfect Balimoon!

After few years of solo travel, I got hitched and then started venturing more places with Anu. For a change I wanted to not travel to Europe for my honeymoon (yes, I am addicted to Eurotrips :)) and wanted to go to an exotic location in Asia. Having Maldives,, Bali, Vietnam and even Australia and … Continue reading A perfect Balimoon!

Salzburg – Diaries from Mozart’s pretty town

A lot of you might not have Salzburg on top of your bucket list, but it is definitely worth stopping by for couple of days (and combine it with a visit to another excellent location Hallstatt) and enjoy Mozart's music at his birthplace, some great Austrian food, capture breathtaking aerial views of the city by … Continue reading Salzburg – Diaries from Mozart’s pretty town

Italian Heaven – Cinque Terre, Lake Como & Milan

I have been to Italy once - visiting Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa and Vatican city - which was a memorable trip. But this trip to Cinque Terre, Lake Como and Milan definitely tops the cake with its exotic villages surrounded by oceans, lakes, mountains and postcard views. After doing a bit of research on Cinque … Continue reading Italian Heaven – Cinque Terre, Lake Como & Milan

Hallstatt – An Austrian Ode to Beauty

Hallstatt takes you back to fairytale dreams - honestly, it is one of the best places that we (Sandhya and Vijay) have ever visited. Typically meaning place of salt, it has the world's first salt mine here. As salt was the most important commodity, lots of workers were involved in mining salt out in the … Continue reading Hallstatt – An Austrian Ode to Beauty

Holland – Amsterdam, windmills, Tulip fest and countryside glory

Netherlands which boasts a wealth of cultural heritage is famous for its art, windmills, clogs, museums, flower gardens and beaches. I have visited the Dutch nation a couple of times now and it has got a lot to offer. Right from the canals of Amsterdam to Volendam, Zaanse Schans and countryside villages to Keukenhof and … Continue reading Holland – Amsterdam, windmills, Tulip fest and countryside glory

Singapore as Art – Scarves, purses, coasters and many more

Singapore is a beautiful place - I have lived here for 10 years now (ya 10 years, can't believe it!). It is the perfect mix of old and new, cultural and modern, colours and monotones - overall just breath-taking and beautiful. But have you ever thought of carrying Singapore around wherever you go? Or displaying … Continue reading Singapore as Art – Scarves, purses, coasters and many more

Ukraine – An unforgettable Soviet Sojourn

After exploring most of Europe, I was running out of places or flights were very expensive to the countries which I hadn't explored. Also having Indian passport requires a visa for majority of countries, currently with Indian passport I can travel to only 59 countries visa free/visa on arrival. I was checking for visa free … Continue reading Ukraine – An unforgettable Soviet Sojourn

Cable Cars: The way I fly

I definitely have a thing for cable cars - I end up taking one and visiting a mountain/hill top or a theme park at almost every city/country I visit 🙂 My husband and kiddo love it too! The thrill of going on a cable car is amazing and the feeling of flying in the air … Continue reading Cable Cars: The way I fly