Cable Cars: The way I fly

I definitely have a thing for cable cars – I end up taking one and visiting a mountain/hill top or a theme park at almost every city/country I visit 🙂 My husband and kiddo love it too!

The thrill of going on a cable car is amazing and the feeling of flying in the air is beautiful! It is a little scary, super fun and a wonderful experience every time I am in one. The views from the top of the hill or going through the clouds and the rain is so much fun.

Here is a list of all the cable cars I have been on in different countries visited:


As far as I remember, my first cable car ride was in Singapore on Sentosa Island, when my parents and I visited – I was 5 or 6 years old then. So, I am starting this post off with the Sentosa cable car in Singapore; I have been on it a couple of times now since I live here. Compared to all the cable cars that I have been on, this one is unfortunately by least favourite as it is for a short distance only and not as much exciting. But it is a famous tourist spot and visitors love it.

The cable car in Singapore overlooks Singapore on one side and Sentosa island/Resorts World/Universal Studios on the other side. The view is better in the evenings/nights as you can see the skyline and the clear skies. The cable car line from Mount Faber to Sentosa is worth it if you are a tourist and if this is your first time on a cable car.


Genting Highlands: This was one of the best ever cable cars – at Genting Highlands, Malaysia. This one goes up to the theme park in Genting. The day we went, it was so chill and cloudy – so we passed through the clouds and the feeling was surreal. This was 9 years back and I could locate the pics, so here is a screenshot from the VisitMalaysia website.

Langkawi: Hands down the cable car at Langkawi is my most favourite cable cars of all time. I would definitely want to go back to Langkawi and the cable car. You can see all the 99 islands from the top and visit the famous bridge that was in the movie Don with Shahrukh Khan 🙂 I still remember how windy it was that day due to an oncoming storm, and we were nearly blown away from that bridge.

Hong Kong

This cable car was one of the most scariest for me, personally. I do not enjoy thrill rides, roller coasters etc. but decided to do the glass-bottomed cable car in Hong Kong (Ngong Ping 360). The views are breath taking – ocean, mountains, the Buddha and the beautiful greenery. The pictures below speak for themselves.


I was advised (by many friends) to definitely take the cable car ride in Taiwan at Sun Moon Lake, and I am so glad we did! Look at the smile on my husband and kiddo’s faces 🙂 This was by far the most cloudy cable car ride ever. For almost 50% of the time we were on the ride, we were completely surrounded by white clouds with zero visibility. We eventually did get an amazing view of the Sun Moon Lake and it was breath taking. The cable car ride ends in a fun theme park. I highly recommend this one!


When we heard that one of the tourist attractions in Barcelona, Spain is cable car – we kinda decided not to do it. The reason being we have been on so many cable cars. But one evening last November, as we were strolling aimlessly in the beautiful streets of Barcelona, we ended up taking the cable car up to the hill 🙂 Well, it was worth it. The views were awesome – view of the entire city including the gothic Sagrada Familia and of the harbour. It was a fairly short ride and inexpensive as well.


Again in November last year during our Euro trip, after the cable car ride in Barcelona, we went for one in Lisbon, Portugal also! Short one again, not up a hill/mountain – but just across the sea and it was so beautiful due to the sunset.


The cable car in Da Nang, Vietnam at Ba Na Hills is the longest and highest non-stop cable car and was awesome! It was almost 15-20 minutes one way up the really tall hill leading up to the Sun World theme park (French themed). While going up in the morning, it was clear skies and while coming down in the evening, we were on top of the clouds and came through the clouds, which was a wonderful experience. Also, there are waterfalls, tall trees and the whole experience was very good – highly recommended!

Well, there you have it – I have covered all the cable cars I have been on (I think!)…. do you like them, share your comments below!


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