Makeup 101 by YIAC: Highlight, highlight, highlight!

Everyone is talking about highlighters and bronzers nowadays. Contouring and Illuminating is all over Instagram and Youtube – all thanks to Kim Kardashian I guess. This has been done and part of the makeup world from long, but I guess KKW gave it a name and put it up on social media – well, if you say certain things many times, it becomes true and famous, right?

Now she is all about Conceal, Bake and Brighten, which are the essentials of makeup anyway – LOL… and that whole family is into makeup now – I am so confused with Kylie, KKW and Kourtney – next is Khloe I guess, once she sorts out her baby daddy issues 🙂 Well, they created an empire and kudos to them for that – but their makeup is really good… I am loyal to Kylie Cosmetics and they are really really good.

Ok, coming to my latest blogpost on highlighters in my Makeup 101 series on YIAC, below are some tips for ordinary people like me who like highlighters but don’t wear it just for pictures but for it to look in real as well 🙂

You can check my other makeup series here – on lips, eyes and makeup wipes.

Areas I highlight: the arch of my eyebrows, the tip of my nose, the high part of my cheekbones and that’s it.

Areas I conceal: under eyes, bridge of my nose, around the mouth, the space between the eyebrows

Areas I lightly contour: forehead edges, below cheeks, side of face and chin

I apply bronzer sometimes on the cheeks instead of blush.

I do not overdo highlight on lips or chin etc., I feel it is a bit too much!

Brands I use (in order of preference):

Highlighter: Sephora powder and liquid highlighter, Revlon Insta-Fix Highlighter

Concealer: Kylie Cosmetics (shade: Buttermilk), Bodyshop

Bronzer: Bodyshop’s powder bronzer, Sephora

Contour: Powder contouring from Sephora and a local store in Europe

So, highlighters do brighten your face and make it look good for photos as well as in person, as long as you do not overdo it! They help sculpt your face and give the right dips and highs you need 🙂

That’s all from me for now 🙂

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