Makeup 101 by YIAC: Kill it with those lips :)

This is the second post in my YIAC makeup series (check out the first one on “eyes” here). This one is on lips, lipsticks, lip glosses, mattes/velvets, lip balms, lip liners etc…. my most favourite type of makeup/cosmetic 🙂

If you have been following my Instagram (@scisandhya) feed and stories, you will know that I am all about those eyes and lips – so there had to a separate post on lips, so here it is!

I have been obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, velvets and matte liquid lipsticks – as well as Revlon’s super lustrous and metallic lip colours. Reds, pinks, purples, oranges, nudes are my thing… so here goes.

I always mix brands and shades to bring out a look that I feel good and comfortable in, no chipping, no cracks, soft on the lips and one that stays long enough throughout the day.

Lip care: My lips tend to get very dry and scaly – with broken skin… so I have moisturise my lips as I do with my skin on a daily basis. A good scrub and lip balm is required. I scrub once or twice a week with a lip scrub (sugar and honey works well) or use the exfoliating wipes from Sephora (check them out here). For lip balm, I exclusively use Nivea’s hydrating lip balm… I hate lip balms with flavours or scent.

I tend to eat my lip colours a lot, they never seemed to stay and I needed to reapply every few hours – which is quite a pain. So Kylie Cosmetics came at the right time and right place. They stay on for the whole day and I hardly reapply (only when I stuff my face with a burger probably! :)). They are quite expensive, but totally worth it!

The Reds

(Click on the images to view clearly)

I used to love red lipsticks when I was a kid but wasn’t allowed to use them, as I was too young. During my teenage years, I was a total tomboy so lipsticks weren’t my thing – I used to only use lip balm and slightly tainted lip glosses. So when I rediscovered my love for makeup and cosmetics 2 years back, I started to venture out and try bold and bright colours. Red was one of the colours that I tried and loved. Needed a bit of encouragement from a friend who loves reds and she mentioned don’t worry about your whitish/brown skin… reds go with any skin colour. So,  I went for it and now no one can stop me!

The reds in the above pics are from Kylie Cosmetics (Mary Jo), Silkygirl and Maybelline. Kylie’s is super pigmented by dry on the lips as it is matte, so I top it up with a creamy Silkygirl lipstick or Nivea lip balm. Remember that for a good red lip, a good lip liner is required – I use the Kylie lip liner in Mary Jo shade.

Reds go great with western as well as Indian outfits, for the weekend or to work as well.

Go Nude on the lips

I will do a separate post on nudes and nude makeup, so here I will just post 1 pic on nude lips. It gives such a beautiful look for an Indian skin tone, when paired with dark black eyes and mascara. This lip colour here is a mix of Kylie Cosmetics (True Brown) and a nude shade from Sephora. So I first apply the True Brown matte liquid lipstick and line with the same shade lip liner. True Brown is really dark, so I layer it with a light nude liquid lipstick from Sephora. This gives a superb blend and keeps the lips soft.

Purple, oh purple

Purple was another shade that I was skeptical about but once I tried it, I loved it.. and cannot get enough of it now. Kylie does not have any purples in her lip kits or shades (she does have a purple eye shadow palette – which I have not bought yet – don’t know if I will), so I ended up buying purples from Sephora and Revlon (some I got to review too). So, as usual, I mixed the shoes and layered them. The first pic here is a mix of Sephora’s matte purple liquid lipstick and layered on top is Revlon’s matte metallic purple.

The second look is a mix of Sephora’s purple and a dark/fuchsia pink from Kylie Cosmetics velvet line.

Playing it (safe) with pinks

This is my daily look.. mostly to work. I play it safe most days with a pink (light or dark) lip colour… suits almost any outfit. This one is Kylie Cosmetics Poison Berry velvet lip kit with a lip lining of Leo. Goes well with dark or light eyes, any accessory and similar to my natural lip colour, so reapplication is hardly necessary

Not playing it safe with oranges

Never did I think that I would try an orange shade of lip colour…. well, I did and I loved it! Does not go with all outfits, so it is rare that I use it. The pic on the left is essentially orange with a touch of pink (Revlon and Kylie Cosmetics) and the right is more pinkish with an orange undertone. I prefer oranges for the evening look rather than during the day, so for the day look I make it a bit more pinkish.

So, there you go – 5 lip shades that I love.

It is all about the lips, isn’t it? I am exploring more and more everyday and share it with all of you. Thanks once again for reading and for all the support. Hope you enjoyed my lip story and please do come back for more 🙂

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