Makeup 101 by YIAC: It’s all about the eyes

This is a new series on YIAC (Yes, I am Curvalicious) that I am starting on the blog following my OOTD series last week. This series is dedicated to makeup and cosmetics that I believe in and use – honest reviews; not paid or sponsored content 🙂

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This is essentially a Makeup 101 series for normal people (after all my blog is for REAL people) like me who balance life, work, home and blogging; for those who cannot spend hours doing makeup to look perfect or camera-ready always.. and most of all for those ladies out their who just cannot do foundation on a daily basis 🙂

So, here is the first of this series – It’s all about the eyes. If you are following my Instagram @scisandhya, you will know that I am obsessed with eye and lip makeup…. If the eyes and the lips are made up, that is more than enough – there is no further requirement for all that foundation, contouring, and other terms that I have no clue about… LOL 🙂

Eyeshadow: I have been obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics and Revlon eyeshadow palettes – they are super pigmented, blend easily with a brush or your fingertips and don’t fly into your eyes while or after application. They are smooth and easy to use – super awesome colors… I have tried a lot of palettes and these 2 brands are what I use on a daily basis – to work, to meetings, to events etc. Most important of all, they stay in place for the whole day and night!

Eyeliner: Dark coal black kajals that I use as eyeliners. Currently obsessed with the H&M eyeliner pencils. 



Eyes look 1: Get out the gold and glitter

This first look is one of my fav. The eyeshadow is a mix of gold, brown, pink and a light brick color layered on – all from Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette and Royal Peach Palette. The eyeliner is the H&M Black Panther eyeliner/kajal pencil topped with royal blue kayal from Maybelline. At the start of the eye towards the nose, I added a dash of green glitter shadow to accentuate the eyes.

I can never get equal eyeliner on both eyes (duh!…. I know that is with most of us :)). But this H&M pencil helps cover your mistakes, if you know what I mean 🙂

Also, since I wear semi-soft contact lenses, the eyeliners and mascaras I use have to be of good quality and not leak into my eyes, if not it irritates me and my eyes end up watering like crazy… and then I cannot see clearly, which is definitely not a good thing!

Mascara: I never do false lashes… I just do not like the idea of getting glue on my eye. I generally have good lashes, so I just add a little mascara (Revlon long lashes or Covergirl Bombshell – I swear by them).

I never do kajal on my lower waterline, it just messes with my contact lenses too much…


Eyes look 2: Simple is always more

There are days when I do not overload with eyeshadow and let the kajal/eyeliner speak, on the upper waterline… generally that is my simple look to work. I just dab on a light pink (L’Oreal), or brown non-glitter eyeshadow and put on a thick line of eyeliner and then mascara… this makes the eyes look beautiful. I have small eyes, so a thick layer of eyeliner helps to bring them out and make them look bright


Eyes look 3: Get rid of your Monday (or any day) blues by adding a touch of blue!

This technique is something that I have been experimenting on past few weeks and I feel I am getting good at it…. The base is pink, brown, maroon, gold or any color in the red/pink color tone. I then add a tab of blue either in the inner part of the eye as in the first pic or on the outer end (as in the second pic)…. I absolutely love it! Do try it and let me know how it went. As always, the eyeliner and mascara are there too. For this one, I keep the eyeliner quite thin so that the colors are seen clearly.

Eyes look 4: The no eyeshadow look

There are days when I want my skin to be breathing and clean… so no eyeshadows or any other makeup. However, as I said above, eyes and lips are key to a beautiful look. So what I do is add a little eyeshadow primer on the eyelid (some days I do without it too) and then just line the upper waterline with one thin layer of eyeliner – either black, brown or as in this pic above, purple 🙂 No mascara, no eyeshadow – simple!


Eyes look 5: Oranges, browns, maroon and pinks are great, especially on olive/wheatish/brown skin tone

Oranges and maroons are my thing of late. They are perfect for my skin tone and blend easily (blending is key – if not it looks really bad). The oranges bring out a pop of color – look great for daytime looks.

Eyes look 6: Different is always better

I generally do not match my eyeshadow shade with my clothes… I do that with my lip shades (will blog on that soon). As seen above in the pic, my outfit and lips are bright pink/majenta, but my eyes are gold, orange, black and electric blue eyeliner… this brings out a pop of a different color, not too much “in your face” but beautiful. Remember, different is always better! 🙂

So, there you go… some of my fav eye looks as above. Let me know in the comments what you think… also let me know if there is a particular look you want me to try.

FYI, I do not do smokey eyes in general – it looks kinda odd with my tiny eyes and skin tone, and I am not good at making it happen…. I do a semi-smokey look at times, where I just smudge the eyeliner with my finger tips 🙂

Okay, bye for now… will come back soon with more OOTD and Makeup 101 posts… thanks for liking and following my blog 🙂

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