The Indian Lady – A story for everyone

I have always identified myself as a citizen of this world; but when someone asks me where I am from or which race I am – I immediately answer “Indian”. It is quite odd that I do this – because I spent most of my childhood in the Middle East and my adulthood in Singapore. I have spent less than half my life in India. I rather identify me as a confused Indian 🙂

My parents brought me up as an Indian, we spoke Tamil and Hindi at home… we ate Indian food on a daily basis and we prayed to Indian Gods. But somehow, I did not connect with India – I used to come to India only for vacations and hated the power cuts, the dust, the chaos, the cacophony of it all… but what I loved was the warmth of the family, time off from school and bring able to play on the streets and walk over to friends’ house etc.

When I was 11, my parents decided to move back to India and I was devastated. I hated moving back and did not accept the fact until I was 15 or so. Then Chennai, India became home. I learnt to navigate the roads, rode a two wheeler, accepted the power cuts and water shortages and also the continuous stare of men and women.

However, I do adore India for its’ colourfulness, the beautiful clothes, jewellery and I am so glad I know how to tie a saree (will do a couple of posts on sarees soon). You can head over to my Indian inspired posts here. And one of my fav Indian post, on gold here.

This photoshoot brings out the Indian girl/lady in me. Shot by the wonderful photographer duo Sharas Clickz, here are some of the best pics.

Outfit:: Skirt and coat – Lifestyle Stores; Sandals – Pedalworks; Blouse/crop top – Westside; Jewellery – Everything handmade

Makeup:: Revlon, Sephora, Kylie Cosmetics

Location:: Vivocity, Singapore

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