The Bluetiful Story

Hello Bluetiful!! Blue is a very pleasing colour and many like/love it.

Shades of blue are never ending, my fav being royal blue, turquoise, teal and peacock blue. The maxi dress/jacket below is from Global Design and I was eyeing it online from a long time. When I went to India last time, I picked it up at the store (Lifestyle stores). I paired the jacket with black jeans and a black sleeveless blouse. The dress actually comes with a very shiny looking silver+gold+green sleeveless maxi gown underneath, but I did not wear that.

The jacket itself is quite exquisite and can be worn with any simple dress underneath. In terms of accessories, I wore this heavy neckpiece from Mirina Collections and a silver and blue stone earrings I picked up from a local store in India long back. Simple heels and I was good to go.

Purple lips, blue eyes, gold highlighter… this looked simple, yet elegant. Let me know what you think 🙂

This shoot with Sharas Clickz was so much fun… I just kept twirling and throwing the jacket around 🙂


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