Jewellery, made with Love

I remember my school days when Vidhya and I used to like just about everything – arts & crafts, painting, cycling, movies, songs, dressing up and so on. I used to be a nerd who always wanted to become medical doctor and she used to chill and let life take its course. Well, I ended up being a doctor (of sorts, to a medical degree – a PhD instead) and she ended up being an actual doctor! (physiotherapist)….

Life is funny in that way – we never know what will happen in the future – next year, next month, next day or even a second later. But what we can do is live life to the fullest as every second we have is to cherish and dream.

It so happened that Vidhya did not continue practising what she trained for, instead she got into jewellery making and art – and she is great at it. I love all her work and hence this post is completely dedicated to her 🙂 Her collections are called VA Creations.

If you follow my Instagram or my previous posts on this blog, you would have noticed that I wear her pieces quite often.

Below are some of her latest pieces – traditional, Indo-Western, Kalamkari – all made with love. Check out her Facebook and Instagram for the collections. I am sure you cannot be without buying some pieces!

And these lovely pictures are taken by a fellow scientist and aspiring photographer Chinmayi.

If you have a home business and you want to collaborate with me – comment below or send me an email 🙂 I am more than happy to support home-grown brands.

Cloth and beads

This beautiful piece is Kalamkari inspired and made from cloth and beads. This dress was a gift from one of my friends 🙂

Temple jewellery with a twist

I used to be Bharatnatyam dancer for about 20 years and I have always loved temple jewellery – Vidhya managed to make a piece with a twist – a mix of Kalamkari and temple jewellery. Genius, I must say!

Silver and copper

This piece is quite exquisite with the silver and copper mix.

I want to end this post with a plugin about another brand that I like called Rustic Kandangi. I have posted more on their jewellery in my previous post. Here is another necklace (layered haram) from them that I absolutely love.

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