One dress, three ways

My friends and relatives ask me how I hardly or never repeat clothes/outfits. Well, I have a trick. Not I do not have many clothes (!!!), there are some pieces that I repeat more often than others due to fit, material, comfort etc.

The trick that I have is quite simple – mic & match. I mix pieces together differently every time I put them together. For example, I will not repeat a pair of black pants with the same blouse for a few months, I will just pair it will another blouse (which I might have worn a few weeks back with a skirt) and so on… you get the point.

But it does get tricky for a trick (LOL) to work when it comes to a dress. It is hard to make it look like I have not repeated a dress earlier, so what I do is pair dresses with different jackets, capes, scarves, cardigans etc. So, there you have it – I let you in on my secret 🙂

In this post, I have paired one dress – a lime green sleeveless dress from W with 3 different jackets/capes.

All the pictures are photographed by Sharas Clickz.

One dress – First look:

At the W store, this jacket was what were originally paired with the lime green dress. It is a super comfy, super cool, super sexy 3/4th sleeve jacket in grey with flowers and super nice details on the sleeve and the body. It is an easy breezy look that is definitely for day to evening.

I styled this one with brown gladiator heeled sandals, a watch, sunglasses, earrings from Lovisa Jewellery and a necklace from Rustic Kandangi.

One dress – Second look:

My second look is very 80s and 90s style inspired when we/my mother used to wear salwar kameez with a sleeveless jacket – especially a white salwar kameez with a blue or red jacket with mirrors and embroidery on it – remember?

The same lime green dress is paired with a kalamkari jacket (from Lifestyle) and heavy earrings. It is a perfect brunch outfit or a day at the park or beach.

One dress – Third look:

My third look is the most fun and my favourite look. I paired the same lime green dress with a deep maroon hi-low sleeveless cape from W as well. I loved twirling in them and it is a super nice look for any occasion. I wore this with rompers as well previously (again mix and match) in my OOTD shorts post.

So, there you have it! My tricks and looks 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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