One dress, three ways

My friends and relatives ask me how I hardly or never repeat clothes/outfits. Well, I have a trick. Not I do not have many clothes (!!!), there are some pieces that I repeat more often than others due to fit, material, comfort etc. The trick that I have is quite simple - mic & match. … Continue reading One dress, three ways

Must-have Jackets – Formal wear

As you all know, I live in Singapore and am originally from Chennai in India. Both these places are in the tropical zone and hot+humid places. Trust me, it gets so hot and humid some days that you do not feel like wearing anything! LOL. I have always envied people who live in places that … Continue reading Must-have Jackets – Formal wear

Launching my very own plus size collection -Curvalicious

Hey everyone! As you may have known by reading my blog articles, I love plus size clothes that fit me well. Fashion has been my passion since my college/university days. I remember I used to buy cloth/material from the shops and go to my dedicated tailor/dressmaker in Chennai, India. I used to sit next to … Continue reading Launching my very own plus size collection -Curvalicious