Launching my very own plus size collection -Curvalicious

Hey everyone! As you may have known by reading my blog articles, I love plus size clothes that fit me well. Fashion has been my passion since my college/university days. I remember I used to buy cloth/material from the shops and go to my dedicated tailor/dressmaker in Chennai, India. I used to sit next to him, draw on a piece of paper what kind of a dress I want – make sure he has understood it very well and then have it stitched.

I still remember even jotting down the minute details, like where the stitch has to be placed, where the button should be placed, which kind of button etc. I used to be very particular about the type of cloth I was buying as well – especially suitable for the hot and humid weather of Chennai. I was also very particular about how the cloth was cut and placed in order to make a curvy lady look and feel beautiful.

But after moving to Singapore, it has been tough to do that as tailoring is quite expensive and time consuming here. I still visit India at least once a year to get some clothes made.

So after a very long time, I decided to design my own exclusive collection especially for you; this blog post is all about my own collection for you to purchase. I collaborated with Vanitha from Vanzconnection – she is such a beautiful person and an awesome fashion/style mentor. She was so enthusiastic about having me launch a plus size collection on Vanzconnection. So here you go, I am launching it exclusively for you 🙂

My collection “Curvalicious” consists of 2 dresses with interchangeable jackets/coats, mainly for the festive season (grab it for Diwali!!), or for any occasion, is available NOW… and listen to this – the dresses are completely customized – made to order with your measurements. Find out more information here on customised tailoring. Our custom tailoring offer customers a chance to customise as per their specific requirements. Our custom tailoring services will get the best outfit for you.

To order these customised dresses, please contact me here or visit Vanzconnection.

Here are the awesome photographs of the dresses, which can be worn as it is or with interchangeable coats/jackets – Kudos to Kumar, Divaphotography (Insta: @divaphotography) for the super chic pics. Each dress with 1 jacket/coat is ONLY SG$245/- inclusive of customised tailoring (excluding courier/shipping charges).

Hope you like these dresses; please do buy them and support my first venture as a designer 🙂 Big shoutout to all the plus size ladies out there – let’s ROCK!!

Curvalicious collection (by Sandhya and Vanzconnection)

An elegant off-white and gold one-piece dress
The second dress of the Curvalicious collection is the electric blue and gold one-piece dress

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