Daandiya Fun Night @ Singapore

The Biggest Bollywood Daandiya Night 2017 hosted by V Indus Singapore Pte Ltd on 22nd September 2017. Was such a fun night!! Last few years I missed Daandiya nights in Singapore as I was traveling for work. This year I made sure I was in town 🙂

The event was held at Grand Patro’s Ballroom on Amber Road. It was a well organized event with food from Kinara, Sweet Paan (betel leaf), henna stalls etc. Huge Ballroom with aircon (thank God!!), super awesome Deejay Milan Kumar, Emcee K P Sandhu and the organizer Jyoti Singh. Other guests were Model Menika Mishra, Mrs India 2017-Queen of substance Bhavana Bahl and makeup artist and stylist Gayathri Menon.

My friends and I has super fun. Pictures and videos below. The fashion that evening all over was super nice 🙂 So many colors, styles, fashionistas and lots of dance!

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