Petals That Speak More Than Words

I believe in the language of flowers, and florists are the linguists that know this language to the core. Those beautiful, vivacious things (and I do mean flowers, not florists) can turn your entire day around, and make a gloomy day bright. A Better Florist is the first ever florist that grabbed my attention, because their flowers made you feel and think. Each and every bouquet that create tells a story, and it’s up to you to choose which one you want to tell.

I reached out to their bloom crew, as I was looking into hampers, and needed help with creating the right one with my personal touch. I like my loved ones to feel really loved, with a gift or blooms that I designed and that deliver my thoughts and sentiment. Although their designs are stunning, I like to add my own touch to each gift I give to my friends and family. They were more than happy to help and listen to my requests.

As I am quite busy with managing my new clothing line and life in general, they were kind enough to deliver it for me, on the very same day. I have to say that the flower delivery in Singapore – A Better Florist – offers is unbelievable fast and reliable. They deliver on the same day, although I thought it was a fraud in the beginning. In fact, they delivered the hamper I designed within only 90 minutes. I’m quite sure that there’s no other flower delivery Singapore has to offer that is this fast every single time. I read about the best flower delivery in Hong Kong that was offered by A Better Florist and I was glad to see that they still remain as equally successful in Singapore as they do in the rest of the world.

That means no more waiting on hampers during the holidays and risking being late with your gift. What I love the most is that all these beautiful flowers, aren’t just for those special happy occasions. They also have funeral flowers, that are designed specifically for funerals and speak instead of you. They make the recipient feel loved, supported and you’re able to express sympathy without even saying anything.

I am an online kind of woman, and I always check out everything there is before I make my order. A Better Florist’s website is so easy to use, because it’s simple to find everything they offer and you get caught up in the whole story-telling craze. Among the abundance of flowers, I was able to find a bunch of fruit basketsflower stands and other gift options for so many occasions.

Their Sympathy Gourmet fruit basket is overflowing with juicy fruits and little trinkets that are going to show sympathy to whoever you’re gifting it too. To cut a long story short, if you’re searching for a cute baby shower gift, the helpful team at A Better Florist can assist you find one on their website or in their flower shops. If you want a get well soon hamper, you can find that there two. It’s like a colourful and creative world of gifts and flowers, that you can rely on in case of need. Think of all the birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or holidays that you forgot about and needed an exquisite gift that you couldn’t get in such a short time? Well, now you don’t have to worry any more.

In my opinion, A Better Florist is really the best florist in Singapore, because there’s no price you can put on personalized gifts to your friends. They’ve made their prices affordable, so that you don’t have to stingy when it comes to gifting. No high prices, just high-quality.

But they’re not just the best florist in Singapore, they’ve recently expanded their petal power to Hong Kong and Dubai. In addition to the best flower delivery in Singapore , guaranteed, a lot of people online, through reviews and testimonials regard them as the best Florist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the absolute best Florist in Hong Kong.

Reading about A Better Florist online only confirmed that they are worth every penny I spend on their beautiful flowers. If you’re thinking of utilizing their convenient Dubai flower delivery  or even their Hong Kong flower delivery, don’t hesitate anymore. They’re really awesome and they deserve a chance to show you how amazing and different they actually are.

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