South Indian Swag: Saree is the way to go, always!

Hello there! I have been asked by a lot of my friends and readers to write a post on sarees. I did not want to do a post on sarees worn in the usual style – hence was waiting on it. Then came a fellow blogger and friend, Chinmayi, who suggested we do a shoot together on sarees that can be worn in different styles for different body types.

This post is inspired by the beautiful sarees and styles that Tia (Instagram: @tiabhuva) and Chinmayi (Instagram: @chnzzy; Blog: Chnzzy’s Lil Corner) wear. And so Chinmayi and I, being the scientists that we are (:)), decided to collaborate and do a fun saree post, in time for Diwali!

So yes, we did team up with the awesome photographers, Sharif (scientist too!) and Rasina, from SR Photography (Instagram: @sharas_clickz), as in most of my shoots.

This post is mainly about 2 styles of sarees for 2 body types. Chinmayi is tall and petite while I am tall and curvy. Chinmayi wore a South India saree as a skirt and she styled me in a South Indian saree as well, in a half-saree (davani) style inspired by Tia.

We did the shoot by a Lotus pond and it was a wonderful place, with nature so close to us 🙂

So, here is my look:

I wore a black skirt with some pink designs, with a beautiful pink/violet/gold saree gifted by my aunt with a black airism top/blouse from Uniqlo. The saree is styled with pleats in the back to look like a skirt 🙂 Chinmayi made me feel like a Queen (I did channel Ramya Krishnan from Baahubali! – look for pics below).

I styled it with a beautiful blue beaded necklace that I bought in Hyderabad last year; single kangans in both hands, jhumkas and a round red bindi… I curled by hair to give a natural look. Also remember I colored my hair red a while back, this looked great in the morning sun

Now for Chinmayi’s look – she wore this for Daandiya night too…. Saree as a skirt – what a clever idea? She teamed it with a shimmer black and gold tank top and beautiful jhumkas.

She also did another look with a kurta top and the saree as a skirt – versatile!

And here’s to channeling the inner goddess and powerful women that we are:

So what do you think? Comment below 🙂

More pics – scroll away (click to zoom)! Happy Diwali everyone!!


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