Must-have Jackets – Formal wear

As you all know, I live in Singapore and am originally from Chennai in India. Both these places are in the tropical zone and hot+humid places. Trust me, it gets so hot and humid some days that you do not feel like wearing anything! LOL.

I have always envied people who live in places that have winters, autumn etc. and where you can wear jackets, scarves, capes etc. I admired the styles and think how lucky those people are, as they get to wear so many fancy jackets and their outfits look great!

So, when I travel to cold countries I try to replicate those styles and love it! Back home, I found it very difficult to find comfortable jackets that I can wear in the heat without looking like a fool 🙂

Thankfully I found great cotton jackets and cardigans that I can pair with formal/work wear and just wanted to share 2 looks with you all 🙂

The first look is classic black pants, a black blouse with bright flowers and a black trench coat/jacket. This one is not 100% cotton but is comfortable and you do not feel hot in it.

Pants are from Dorothy Perkins; Blouse from Iora; Jacket from H&M. I paired this look with a bright up-cycled cloth and beads purple necklace from Nrinam and dark blue heels from Pedal Works. The pops of colour from the necklace and shoes adds drama to the black. The pants end just at the ankle and I love this style. The jacket has pockets which are essential and the fit is great! Yes, you can wear trench coats even in this heat!

More pics from this look below. My forever favourite photographer due Sharas Clickz clicked these superb photographs.

I think this outfit and combination gives a powerful look and is a style statement. Comfortable, powerful, sexy as well as perfect for work and even to go out in the evening for a drink or dinner after work. For an evening out, you can just pair it with a black and gold clutch, just like I did! 🙂


My second look is with the same pair of pants, blouse and necklace but a light pink (desert rose or baby pink) sleeveless jacket that ends right at the thighs. This one is a semi trench coat and I think it adds a nice touch belted up especially. I opted for a sleeveless jacket since the sleeves might add a little to the heat and irritate you.

And pockets are a must! By the way, the watch I am wearing is from Capitola Watches – head over to my Instagram feed for the discount code and order yours now!

As you can see, the pink jacket adds a cool palette to the outfit and can be worn without the belt as well.

What do you think of these looks and jackets in summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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