OOTD Series: Full-length dresses

I have always been tall – tall for my age, taller than all my classmates and my friends. I was always called “the tall girl” by my teachers. I loved/love being tall ad proud of my genes, but sometimes I felt awkward being able to see the top of everyone’s heads  or feeling a giraffe 🙂

I used to be awkward in clothes sometimes, especially during my childhood and teen years – especially since I was a tomboy. Shorts or skirts were of odd-length, too short sometimes, pants used to end at my ankles (ankle-length pants were not cool then), my blouses used to not fit properly due to broad shoulders.

But I have always loved long dresses – but never found good ones back in the day. Now my prayers are answered and I have quite a few long dresses and happy about it 🙂

Dress 1: Starting off with this blue cotton dress that I bought in Dubai. It was on sale for just $15 and was 2 sizes bigger for me – but I ended up buying it and altering it at home myself. Just had to sew the bust and sleeves to a smaller size and voila! Its a super comfortable cotton full-length dress with nice details. I wore it on my vacation to Krabi, Thailand – very beachy feel.

Dress 2: This dress is Indo-Western and I bought it at Lifestyle Stores (Brand: Snap). I love the shade of blue and especially the way the dress falls and flows. I paired it with a golden shawl/stole from Westside Stores, heavy Indian earrings and red lips. It was perfect for an evening concert at the beautiful Esplanade Theatres in Singapore.

Dress 3: This dress was bought by me within 5 minutes of seeing it! Loved everything about it – the patterns, the colour, the style and best of all – fits me like a glove! Bought it in a local shop in Singapore called Say’On for just $18. Paired it with a bright coloured gladiators – wore it for my vacation to Krabi 🙂

Dress 4: This dress was bought in Dubai for about $20. As you know, I love this shade of pink – and this dress was too tempting. Paired it with an Airism t-shirt from Uniqlo, hair in a bun, sunglasses and that’s it! The dress was a tad long, so I had hold it up a little bit or tie it up in the waist – which itself made a style statement!

Dress 5: How can I not have a full-length dress in black (my fav fav fav colour)? This dress was from the brand AND and super sexy. It includes the inner knee-length camisole and the lacy/netted dress. Pair it with earrings, hair up or down and platform/wedges and you are good to go for brunch, an evening out, strolling, date night too 🙂

Dress 6: While talking about full-length dresses, how can I not include my ever favourite dress – THE Dress. More pics and details about this one here. A glimpse of it below 🙂

PC: Sharas Clickz

How many of you like full-length dresses – do comment below! Thanks 🙂


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