OOTD Series: Full-length dresses

I have always been tall - tall for my age, taller than all my classmates and my friends. I was always called "the tall girl" by my teachers. I loved/love being tall ad proud of my genes, but sometimes I felt awkward being able to see the top of everyone's heads  or feeling a giraffe … Continue reading OOTD Series: Full-length dresses

OOTD series: Story of the shorts

I have always loved shorts - short shorts, medium shorts, Bermudas, athletic shorts and so on. But I hardly wore them while I lived in India during my teenage and young adult years - when I did not have cellulite on my thighs or fat knees, if that is a thing! 🙂 The reason(s) are … Continue reading OOTD series: Story of the shorts

So glad I bought this dress :) H&M dress

If you have been following me on Instagram (if you aren't, please do :)... my handle is @scisandhya), you would have come across this H&M dress that I bought on sale.... actually I almost didn't buy it -  but I am so glad I did. After finishing a meeting in the city (Singapore), I headed to … Continue reading So glad I bought this dress 🙂 H&M dress