Scarves for those curves

My blog is all about being confident and owning those curves – and that is exactly what my friend, Vipra, has done here with a fun accessory – Scarves!

This blogpost is entirely dedicated to owning to those curves with scarves and different ways of styling scarves, especially for the spring/summer. Of course, these ideas can be extrapolated to autumn/winter looks too by adding on jackets, sweaters and trench coats (I shall blog about this soon too!).

So here are 5 scarves that Vipra has used (styled by her and me; photographed by Sharas Clickz), in different ways.

Scarf 1: The bright yellow scarf 

Vipra has beautiful thick hair and we wanted to style this bright yellow scarf for a very summery look on her hair. Hence, we styled it to give a very sexy as well as cute look – around her hair with a bow on top. This is one of fav looks!


Scarf 1: The nude scarf 

Vipra paired a shimmery gold top, ripped jeans and red lips with a nude pink scarf with blue and yellow flowers in it. I think this look works great for a brunch or a casual day out. It adds a bit of drama and class to the simple top and jeans look.

She styles it in 2 different ways, if you notice below.

Scarf 3: The statement scarf

This maroon and yellow scarf was long and the width was also more… and being in the Singapore heat made us think of this look with the scarf. Hair in a bun, scarf wrapped around it – it gave so much oomph to that one-shoulder black blouse and denim skirt. What do you think?

Scarf 4: The Arabian scarf

Vipra has beautiful skin tone, long and thick brown hair and mesmerising eyes – hence to accentuate those features, we styled a light coloured scarf, which I call the Arabian scarf (as it makes her look like one) around her head to give that really sexy vibe. She wore it with an one-shoulder black top and a denim skirt. Paired with those bright pink lips, I would say “Wow!”.

She also styled it around her neck.

Scarf 5: The everyday scarf

This look was no hassle and makes you look awesome in no time! In Singapore, almost everyone ends up carrying a jacket or a scarf in our bags as the air-conditioning is in full blast indoors, in sharp contrast to the hot outdoors. So a scarf saves us from freezing!

This dark blue scarf gives us all the vibes of being indoors in hot Singapore, and outdoors in other cooler countries 🙂

Inspired by scarves, here are some looks of me with scarves 🙂 (slideshow)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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