Jutti for big feet too!

I have always wanted a pair of super colourful juttis that actually fit me! And the powers above finally answered my wishes – and down came upon the earth Love For Jutti (LJ). Instagram: @loveforjutti

I found them on Instagram and upon checking their posts and website, fell in love with the designs. However, they did not have my size (well, no surprise there when a lady has size 11 feet!!)

I still went ahead and contacted them with a sliver of hope of finding my size. Upon enquiry, they were quick to get back to me and offered to customise my size!!!! I was on cloud nine….

So I sent over the designs I wanted to buy (bought 3 pairs) – some digital print ones they said they cannot customize (that was disappointing) – anyways, the other exquisite pieces were available for customisation.

So, I measured my feet and sent those to them, made the payment (online transfer) and that’s it… all I had to do was wait for the delivery. They delivered it to my aunt’s place in India and I could not wait to pick them up when I went over next time from Singapore.

Since I have excellent pairs of juttis from LJ, I wanted to showcase their brand specifically and dedicated a whole blogpost to them 🙂 This is not a paid review or sponsored post from them or any other brand…. it is an honest review and honest request to buy from them 🙂

They are stylish, fit perfect, don’t cause blisters, colorful and super comfortable… I love pairing them with Indian wear, Indowestern wear as well as jeans or a simple dress. They need a little care in terms of cleaning and storing properly, but that is with every pair of juttis.

Hope you like their juttis and do order from them!!! Let me know and comment below if you already own one or buy one soon 🙂

Below are all the pics…. loved their note and care instructions along with the order:

PC: Sharas Clickz
PC: Sharas Clickz



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