Plus size footwear – pamper those big feet in comfy shoes

Yes, I have big feet – size 11 or 12 fits me the best, anything less and I am cursing all day!

It is very hard for me to find shoes that fit in Asia – I generally order from USA or Europe online or when I visit once a year or once in 2 years. I replenish my stock of footwear 🙂

Buying online is not the best option, especially for footwear, but I end up doing it sometimes. Most of the time it is ok, but sometimes I have regretted my choices.

In Singapore, my footwear haven is Pedalworks. Their prices have almost doubled in 5 years but they have a wide variety of options to choose from.

I am super happy when I find brands that customize shoes for my big feet – but these tend to be expensive. But one affordable brand that makes customized juttis is Love for Jutti.

Some tips when buying footwear:

  • If you are buying them online, do measure your feet accurately, from big toe to heel
  • Go shoe shopping in the afternoons, when your feet are the biggest in size
  • My left foot is slightly bigger than the right foot; so always get the size that fit your bigger foot
  • Comfort is key – style comes later
  • Make sure your shoes aren’t so tight that they cut off blood supply to your feet!
  • If shoes lead to blisters repeatedly, it is time to throw/give them away – no pain is worth that!

Here I am sharing some of my favorite footwear and from where I bought them.

Photographs by Sonal Sharma and me 🙂 Click on the pics to view them clearly.

Pedalworks Singapore:

Amazon USA:

Soles India:

Others: (Models Vipra and Kirthi for broad feet)


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