Global Style for the Good – Developing Style

I have always believed in collaboration and using our platforms online and offline to help the world see awesome brands, startups, small businesses and people who are so passionate about what they do.

One such venture is Developing Style by Devi. Her blog’s tagline reads “Global Style for the Global Good” – this encompasses all she does and wants to do on her blog.

The overall goal of Devi’s blog is to advance the development of impoverished communities globally while making global style more accessible to “western” audiences. She does this by highlighting products from small businesses (primarily women-owned) that benefit communities in developing countries. The businesses can either be based in developing countries or have benefits that accrue to those countries. She intends to increase the revenue of these businesses by driving customers with some disposable income to their sites. She features a variety of products that range from clothing to home décor, but all of them have the common theme of being socially conscious and stylish at the same time.

Devi was inspired to write about this theme given her work in international development and finding beautiful products overseas that never leave the local markets.

I personally love the idea of what Developing Style does and wanted all my readers to know about it 🙂

You can visit Devi’s blog at and follow her on Instagram @developingstyleblog. I love the simplicity of the blog but with a strong message and the beautiful photographs on her feed.

I would recommend Weaving Culture, Wrapped in WarmthThreads of Tradition, Beyond Borders in Brooklyn, and Transparent Fashion. They are all fashion themed and what I am passionate about. Devi recently did a collaboration with a Guatemalan social enterprise that makes scarves/shawls and these are showcased in Thread to Power.

So, there you are – some awesome weekend reading for you do and buy the super nice stuff showcased on Developing Style…. Be good, do good and global is the way to go.

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