OOTD Series: Work outfits

Yes, I work a lot – I love working and I love working a lot 🙂

When I used to do full time scientific research, all I wore to work was track pants or t-shirts, a kurta or something that was baggy and super comfortable because I had no reason to dress up – I had to be in a lab coat all day long.

But once I started a corporate desk job and started running my own companies, owning good outfits to work became a necessity.

So here as part of my OOTD series, I am going to share some of my work outfits.


My fav to go outfit for work is definitely a dress. It is easy breezy and looks super nice. Makes you feel sexy and comfortable! Dresses can be fun like the first one with flowers, or super formal like the plain one or semi-formal like the one with stripes. Pairing a dress with a jacket gives that edge over any outfit.

Even though a dress is one piece of clothing, it is still so versatile when paired with the right footwear and a handbag.


Pants – how awesome they are. But finding a pant that fits right is so hard! I am super excited when I find a pair of pants that fits well especially if they don’t burn a hole in the pocket 🙂

Pants paired with a sexy pair of heels or mules and a simple shirt or blouse can bring in confidence and make you feel like a boss – a few combinations are above in the pictures.


Skirts are formal, fun, comfortable and can be paired in different ways – wear it with a shirt or a blouse or a fun bell-sleeve top. I love playing around with patterns or designs or flowers or even plain skirts and tops.

A few options above in the pics. I like to generally keep in simple with pencil or A-line skirts to work. Casual skirts are more for vacations or weekends for me. Skirts make you look tall and confident for sure.

So there you go – dresses, pants and skirts – great mix of outfits for work. Do comment below and tell me what you like to wear to work; would love to hear from you 🙂

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