OOTD Series: Work outfits

Yes, I work a lot – I love working and I love working a lot 🙂 When I used to do full time scientific research, all I wore to work was track pants or t-shirts, a kurta or something that was baggy and super comfortable because I had no reason to dress up – I … Continue reading OOTD Series: Work outfits

OOTD Series: Full-length dresses

I have always been tall – tall for my age, taller than all my classmates and my friends. I was always called “the tall girl” by my teachers. I loved/love being tall ad proud of my genes, but sometimes I felt awkward being able to see the top of everyone’s heads  or feeling a giraffe … Continue reading OOTD Series: Full-length dresses

OOTD series: Weekend looks

The weekend is just around the corner and I thought I will put together some looks that you can try out during the weekends. This is part of my OOTD series (check out my there OOTD posts here). The coming weekend is super busy for me with chores, grocery shopping, guests home for dinner and … Continue reading OOTD series: Weekend looks

OOTD series: Story of the shorts

I have always loved shorts – short shorts, medium shorts, Bermudas, athletic shorts and so on. But I hardly wore them while I lived in India during my teenage and young adult years – when I did not have cellulite on my thighs or fat knees, if that is a thing! 🙂 The reason(s) are … Continue reading OOTD series: Story of the shorts

OOTD Series: 7 OOTDs for 7 days of the week :)

I post OOTD (Outfit of the Day) pictures on Instagram everyday – weekday looks to work and weekend looks for shopping or a day out with the family or just stay at home! I am a blogger who is passionate about fashion and travel, as you have been reading. I try to give reviews of … Continue reading OOTD Series: 7 OOTDs for 7 days of the week 🙂

One dress, three ways

My friends and relatives ask me how I hardly or never repeat clothes/outfits. Well, I have a trick. Not I do not have many clothes (!!!), there are some pieces that I repeat more often than others due to fit, material, comfort etc. The trick that I have is quite simple – mic & match. … Continue reading One dress, three ways

Makeup 101 by YIAC: It’s all about the eyes

This is a new series on YIAC (Yes, I am Curvalicious) that I am starting on the blog following my OOTD series last week. This series is dedicated to makeup and cosmetics that I believe in and use – honest reviews; not paid or sponsored content 🙂 Also, do check out my Youtube channel for … Continue reading Makeup 101 by YIAC: It’s all about the eyes