DARLINKS – Environment-friendly fashion

I love fashion, as you know :), but I am quite aware of the impact fashion has on the environment as well. I do not buy leather, fur or materials that exploit animals. I try not to pollute the environment more than it already is, and I try my best to recycle clothes, donate them and so on.

But, Priya here is committed to this cause 100%. Below is a feature on this very pretty lady who is extremely conscious of the environment, especially when it comes to wastage of clothes and garments – and this cause makes her daughter and her very fashionable… read on to understand better.

This is specially for Mum’s of Daughters! (But I say it’s for mum’s of sons too! – proof below :))

Mums are super busy. We get it.
The planet is crumbling. We know it.

Clothing. Kids outgrow their adorable little outfits way too fast. There’s just so much waste going to our landfills that’s damaging our environment. Recycling processes are also harmful to our Biosphere. Our own wardrobes are overflowing, we out-love and outgrow most of our clothes in time as well.

As per EPA estimates 2.2 billion pounds of consumer textile waste finds its way into American landfills alone every year due to garments made for children. That’s approximately forty-five pounds per child aged 0-11.

Combine going green, saving time and raising little women of substance and you get “Darlinks”. Darlinks is an initiative started and envisioned by an architect, Priya Daniel that encourages you to be “Linked to your Darling” with a special, meaningful and unique bond, by creating unique designer clothing for your kids by upcycling your own wardrobe in under 2 minute, no-sew techniques.

An architect, artist and sustainability Lead by profession, ‘mumpreneur’ Priya’s ideas revolve around simple math, creativity and structural techniques that resize, repurpose and restyle her clothes for her daughter. Her techniques and tips work for mums an daughters of all sizes, ranges and combinations.

Watch how this mother daughter duo strives to show you how you and your daughter can have a positive impact, go about your busy lives, yet have an easy, emotional and special connection. If you’re not sure about how to go about this , but really want to have a go, she encourages and is available for round the clock absolutely free-of-charge consulting and demonstrations.
She’s also not saying that Mum’s of sons shouldn’t start thinking about this as well! (There you go!!)

I altered/folded my husband’s veshti (traditional dhoti of South India) and my son wore it for last year’s Diwali celebration in school 🙂

If you care for the environment and your children, do like, share the Darlinks(make hyperlink available)  page and educate and enjoy yourselves with how you could make a sustainable choice right now! Be the small change that would have a huge impact.


Below is a whole collection of wonderful ideas to share clothes (click on the pics to view pics in full resolution):


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