Ooh, it’s freezing – Winterwear – Part 2

Last year, I spent Christmas and New Year in Europe – my awesome solo trip. I had shared pics from this trip in my previous blogpost on winter wear (Part 1). Now, for part 2 – featuring various looks for mild winter to foot deep snow…. enjoy reading 🙂 Most pics are from Europe vacation last month.

Click on the pics to view the full photographs 🙂

Light and breezy winters

Istanbul, Turkey was cold and breezy but not so cold for too many layers of clothing. So I kept it light and trendy with form-fitting pants in black and white, a blouse in a soft colour with light thermal wear inside. When it got too windy, I had my super cute pink parka handy.

Sunny, yet cool

Barcelona was sunny, yet cool during winter. I stuck to pants and nice blouses in bright colours or which shimmer & shine. My parka was my buddy always.

This look has my most favourite camouflage/army pants (yes, I finally found one that fit me well!) at Max India – paired it with a shimmery sweater and a bright-coloured scarf.

Winters on the beach

We visited the beach in Barcelona, and it was so pretty – clear blue waters, soft light brown sand and super nice breeze, on quite a sunny day. I decided on a comfy stretchy pants, brick coloured t-shirt from Westside India, my fav scarf in bright colours and voila, I was ready to hit the beach. Accessorised with peach tassel earrings and super reflective sun glasses. Just look at those colours, worked out so well!

Winters walking around the city/town

I love European winters as they just make you want to live life once again – I love just strolling down the beautiful lanes, the flowers, the sunshine, the cool breeze, the awesome food and wine – you get the picture 🙂

For walking, comfortable footwear is a must – shoes or crocs are the best for me. Along with good footwear, clothes have to feel light and not too tight.

Below are the looks I chose for all the strolling 🙂

As you can see, I left the makeup light to show off the glowing winter skin 🙂

Work winters

My last trip to Europe was for work (had to attend a conference) and leisure. So, here is one of the looks I wore to the conference – kept it classy with a black skirt (the same skirt I wore in the party post) and my fav pink blouse, paired with stocking and comfy sandals.

Winter – I just love that season

Below are looks from various days during my Europe trip – dresses, paired with jeans or stockings – scarves etc.

Snow, Snow, Snow – EVERYWHERE!!!

Oh, I still remember my first experience with snow in April 2016 in Switzerland at Jungfraujoch – it was so wonderful – I loved every second of it… I so wish we have snow in Singapore!

Layers, layers, layers and gloves – that is all is required for snow… and that is exactly what I did, as you can see below 🙂

There you go…. I have posted most of my winter looks here – for others you can visit my Instagram feed @scisandhya… Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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