Orchids in a bottle! Bali Secret

Women’s health matters!! Say no to chemicals!

Did you know that Orchid by Bali Secret consists of natural ingredients that work in gentle harmony to cleanse women’s intimate areas?

Looking for long lasting freshness in this heat? Orchid by Bali Secret contains combination of Balinese herbs and natural ingredients that helps to deliver a gentle wash for women of all ages.


I have been personally using it for the past few months and very happy with it.
Awesome scent.. all natural ingredients and made from the beautiful flower of Singapore, Orchids 😍

S$9 ONLY (U.P. S$10) if you buy through me… message me to buy 🙂


8 thoughts on “Orchids in a bottle! Bali Secret

  1. Do you currently have stock for one box?? Is there any further discount??


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