The new statement of power: Body Chains

You must have seen the powerful female characters in Game of Thrones or other epic tv shows or movies wear body chains. BodyChains are the new statement of power… and I’m loving it.

This post features body chains and other jewellery from Sans Kreations –


✨Different types of BodyChains available at Sans Kreations ✨
– light blue rhinestones studded body harness
– golden ghoulder chains,
– sea blue and black
– 14-carat rose golf plated multi-strand chain

Ok, now for some awesome pictures, of me along with my beautiful sister-in-law and friend, Tamanna, by the very talented photographer Sharif from Sharas Clickz (SR Photography). He is such an awesome photographer – so easy to work with, quick, pleasant and super awesome pictures 🙂

So every piece of jewellery below has their price indicated as well – and note this amazing offer: if you buy any of them using the code ‘SSCURVY’, you will get a 25% discount!!! Yay… so just message me on my social media channels if you want to buy them along with the code, and then I will send you the details to buy and deliver them 🙂

25% discount! CODE: ‘SSCURVY’ – message me via social media

Instagram: @scisandhya

Facebook: Sandhya Sriram

Twitter: sriramt_sandhya

Multi-layer gold chain (left) – S$38; Gold shoulder/BodyChain (right) – S$38; after discount only S$ 28.5 (each)
BodyChain+cloth choker – S$45.50; after discount only S$34
This red studded necklace is S$45; after discount only S$33
Afghan necklace – S$38; after discount only S$28.5
Studded BodyChain – S$60; after discount only S$45
Studded BodyChain – S$60; after discount only S$45
Studded necklace – S$45.5; after discount only S$34
This beautiful earring – S$25; after discount only S$18.5
Blue and white studded BodyChain – S$85; after discount S$63.5
Studded Rhinestone bracelet – S$38; after discount only S$28.5


Snake bracelet – S$28; after discount only S$21

Why BodyChain?

  • adds that extra glam without looking over-dressed
  • edgy, fun to wear
  • extra shimmer and right amount of sparkle to your outfit

BodyChains are not just an accessory or an ornament, they are a statement of confidence!
BodyChains was spotted on celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce years ago, but now this is highly raved in the fashion industry by trendsetters, stylists, models and celebrities – they are obsessed with it.

According to online sources, this trendy accessory has been around since ancient times 🙂
In ancient Greece, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was depicted wearing one around her waist to emphasize her female form. In India, Indian classical dancers wore body chains of varying design as an embellishment and body chains have been worn in the Middle East for belly dancing.

Now for the rest of the awesome pics which we had super fun shooting for:

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