It’s all about the PANTS; and the healthy snacks!

I love a pair of well-fitted pants. It is quite a challenge to find good-fit pants especially if you are shopping on a budget. The pants have to be comfortable while sitting and standing, fit well in the hips, waist, thighs and your butt 🙂

I love these pants from Marks & Spencer. No, they were not expensive as I got them on sale at M&S :). They are made from linen, super comfy, airy in the hot weather of Singapore, and fits so perfectly!

Pants and red top – Marks & Spencer (SG $18 and $12, respectively)

Jacket – Isa (SG $ 29)

Handbag – Bagelicious Flea Market (SG $25)

Shoes – Pedalworks, of course! (SG $ 62)

Accesories – Lovisa

Photography – Sonal Sharma from Sonal’s photography; Makeup – Chinmayi

Pants make you feel confident, sexy, stylish and like a fashionista. It works for officewear, for a formal or semi formal party or even for travel but only if your pants are comfy.

Are you wondering what I meant by healthy snacks in the blogpost title?? Well, as I have said on the About page and in the tagline of this blog “Fashion and Wellness for Real Women”, this blog is not just a fashion blog but also a medium to share health and fitness tips.

So since this post is about officewear, I wanted to introduce healthy bites and snacks that you can eat at work or even on weekends when you feel like having a bite to eat. Everyday, at about 4 pm, I get really hungry (since I eat lunch at noon) and there is McDonalds, Starbucks and other cafes near my workplace.. none of these offer healthy food, really. I always wonder what to eat at that time and not burn a hole in my pocket as well as not consume unhealthy food.

That’s when I remembered Medhya Herbals, a venture by my friend Nidhi Bansal. Nidhi is an INSEAD graduate and passionate about health, fitness and food that makes sense. Her father,Dr. Pawan Bansal, is an Ayurvedic doctor and that inspired her to start Medhya Herbals.

Key features of Medhya’s healthy bites:

– Sugar Free

– All natural, no preservatives, no chemicals or colours

Perfect for afternoon snack, pack in lunch box of children or yourself, or a breakfast pick-up along with milk. Good for travel snacks as well.

Their products include:

  • Brahmi Bites 
  • Almond Fig Bites
  • Moringa Choco Bites 
  • Amalaki Bites 
  • Medhya Amalaki 

And best of all, they are super economical and easy to buy by ordering online! I will be sharing more on these healthy bites in my posts in the coming weeks. So look out for them 🙂

Now coming back to the fashion and pants – more pics below of my friend Vipra Guneta in an awesome pair of pants!

Photography – Sonal Sharma from Sonal’s photography; Makeup – Chinmayi

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